Bowed Basement Wall Repair

How Foundation Wall Repair can Save You Time, Stress, and Money.

Crack Lock works in just about any circumstance and can even be used to increase the seismic strength of other repairs. Locks either side of the crack together, helping to prevent any further movement. Minimally invasive and fast to finish. Easy to paint over and can be covered with a finishing product such as flooring, without the worry of the crack reopening.

Wall Braces are used in for Basement Wall Repair In San Antonio situations that may not call for the superior strength of wall anchors Utilizes three floor joists to help eliminate twisting and side-pressure on the floor joists Galvanized steel beams brace your cellar walls against the expansive outside soil pushing against it. Epoxy Crack Injections Epoxy Crack Injections are an economical method for fixing non-moving cracks in concrete walls, slabs, or columns.

Bowed Basement Wall Repair Epoxy can also be used to help weld a cracked concrete wall back together, which helps restore the structural integrity of the wall. A cosmetic repair in nature, if the cause of the cracking isn’t treated, cracking may occur again Often used in conjunction with other structural wall repairs Mainly performed on the interior of basements Economical and effective, but does not remove the cause of the cracking Root Barriers Root obstacles help maintain a healthy soil moisture balance while also protecting against damaging tree roots.

The most advanced Wall Anchoring method available. Pull-tested at the time of installation to make sure that the anchor is set Galvanized to resist corrosion  for long-term operation Industrial strength proven in commercial applications such as utility poles, sea walls and submerged pipelines When used with exterior excavation, wall recovery is more achievable Often used as a stand-alone product, but when utilized together with Waterproofing or Exterior Water Management a broader repair can be achieved.

How Basement Wall can Save You Time, Stress, and Money.

Whether you are having settling bases, bowed or cracked basement walls, cracks in drywall, sagging floor joists or have a house built on unsuitable foundation soils, The Basement Doctor can permanently and economically fix foundation issues by using more than 27 years of expert knowledge regarding Ohio area soils, and exclusive patented foundation repair solutions.

Basement Wall Crack Repair Foundation repair services available in The Basement Doctor include repair of homes and all types of buildings that have struck vertical settlement or sinking problems. The method of repair is known as piering or underpinning. We utilize helical piers and push them hydraulically into the ground in order to attain a base of support for the home or structure.

Another View of Bowed Basement Wall

The Reinforcer is the preferred repair solution. It is a carbon fiber strip system that’s extremely effective in handling wall crack repairs. Bowed Wall Repair Another foundation repair method we offer is a fix for bowed basement walls, which are sometimes called buckling walls. A leaning foundation wall can be repaired or stabilized using The Force.

It compels continuous pressure onto any bowed wall and will not just stabilize a wall, but also push it back to a level or straight position over time due to the spring system. The cracking, settling and shifting of foundations can frequently be caused by building a structure on expanding or contracting soil due to freezing water, improperly compacted fill soils, or by poor upkeep of the dirt around the building’s foundation.

The highly-skilled foundation team in The Basement Doctor will restore your homes structural integrity. .

The Facts on Basement Wall Reconstruction

If you discover a crack in your basement wall it ought to be repaired. Here are 10 quick tips about basement wall repair to help you understand what you could be dealing with and how to handle it.

Water even in the kind of moisture, vapor, humidity or an active leak can result in serious damage in the way of mold, mildew, and rot. Even a hairline crack can let in water that can cause these issues. Some cracks are structural some aren’t.  Not every foundation crack means that your home is ready to fall.

Nonstructural cracks may be caused by hydrostatic pressure, tree roots or another outside force pushing the foundation. 3.) If you find a vertical crack Vertical foundation cracks are often the least threat to the building. They are typically caused by the natural expansion and contraction of concrete. Through the years freeze-thaw cycles, the concrete expands and contracts causing the concrete to crack.

If you see a horizontal crack Generally, horizontal cracks are structural fractures usually caused by stress building up on the other side of the wall from either an improper backfill or hydrostatic pressure. Surface treatments (like caulking) don’t work on basement walls. Caulking or other surface treatments which you can find in the hardware store don’t work on basement walls.

The Main Principles Fixing a Bowed Basement Wall

Some cracks require polyurethanes The cracks that are nonstructural and just leaking will require a polyurethane crack injection material. Most polyurethanes are flexible and move with the crack if it happens to move with a freeze-thaw cycle of the concrete.

If the crack is moving you may require a crack stabilizer like carbon fiber staples Sometimes a crack needs more of a stabilizer than simply merely a contractor will recommend pairing it with carbon fiber staples or ties. Carbon fiber is a proven process to strengthen a foundation wall.

Some carbon fiber systems really are used for more than crack repair and are used to stabilize a bowing block wall. Sometimes foundation cracks imply serious damage If you multiple foundation cracks on adjoining walls or if the issues are shifting upstairs such as sticking doors and windows, cracks in the walls and sheetrock upstairs, or damage to the chimney it may be a indication of foundation settlement.

Call a professional Don’t, we repeat, DO NOT DO base repair work yourself. The average homeowner does not have the know-how to pull it off safely. Unless you have experience as a structural engineer, you could lead to damage to yourself and your house if you attempt to perform foundation wall repair work yourself.


Most contractors offer free inspections and estimates. It’s important to understand the seriousness of your situation and find out the best options to repair it. .

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